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Pioneering Growth and Innovation: A Conversation with Simon Hill, CEO

Pioneering Growth and Innovation: A Conversation with Simon Hill, CEO of Xperate


In the rapidly evolving realm of legal technology, Simon Hill emerges as a trailblazer, spearheading innovation and growth as the CEO and co-founder of Xperate. With a serial tech entrepreneur career spanning decades and an unwavering passion for crafting impactful solutions, Simon has been a driving force in shaping the rapid growth trajectory of Xperate since its inception in September 2021.

Defining the Role at Xperate

At the helm of Xperate, Simon Hill plays a crucial role in steering the company alongside his co-founder, Mark Garnish, who serves as the COO. Drawing from their prior experience in Tikit, Simon (ex CEO) and Mark (ex CTO Tikit) embarked on a mission to create a unique business dedicated to providing offshoring solutions tailored to the intricate needs of law firms.

Simon's role extends beyond traditional leadership responsibilities. As the CEO, he is deeply invested in ensuring the overall success of the business and safeguarding its most invaluable asset—the people. Having a decade-long experience in offshoring their global large law and mid-market legal tech solutions prior to Xperate, Simon and Mark recognised the untapped potential to revolutionise the industry with a business that prioritises the specific needs of law firms.

Mark, Hayley & Simon at Gala Dinner

Championing Change: Addressing the Fear of Offshoring

In the legal tech industry, one of the predominant challenges, according to Simon, is the pervasive fear of offshoring among law firms. While many express interest, apprehensions about potential risks and career limitations for staff often hinder the adoption of offshoring solutions. Simon firmly believes that, with the right partner, offshoring can be both cost-effective and beneficial. Xperate, focusing on SMEs globally, introduces a unique hybrid offshoring model, seamlessly blending legal expertise with other areas to ensure efficiency and productivity.

Xperate's success lies in the strategic approach to offshoring, as outlined by Simon. While offshoring can be cost-effective, Simon emphasises that success hinges on having the right partner. Xperate’s offshoring model stands out by not only being cheaper to on-shore but also by delivering superior results through enhanced work efficacy and productivity, thanks to the remarkable skillsets cultivated through the university system in India.

Notably, Xperate targets SMEs globally, offering a hybrid offshoring model that blends legal expertise with diverse areas of specialisation. This approach addresses the common industry issue of "garaging," where offshore businesses work for multiple clients simultaneously with the same resources.

Simon and Mark's credibility, combined with a Western presence in Winchester UK and regular attendance at legal tech conferences and client sites in the US , distinguish Xperate. Their ability to meet face-to-face or at legal conferences builds trust, positioning them as facilitators in the industry. Simon's focus on leadership, vision & sales, Mark's hybrid technical & commercial expertise, and Bharat's role as CTO in translating work to the development team contribute to a harmonious and highly effective operation.

In a landscape where big firms like Infosys show limited interest, Xperate provides a unique offering. The company's commitment to transparency, fixed pricing, and offshore development is also attractive to private equity looking at tech vendors and law firms, further solidifying its position in the legal technology sector.


Xperate's Growth Trajectory and Ethical Foundation

Simon takes immense pride in Xperate's remarkable growth, witnessing a 142% year-on-year increase in revenue and the company expanding from 2 to 83 employees in just two years. Looking ahead, Simon envisions Xperate becoming as prominent as the major legal tech vendors, one of which he led previously, within three years, driven by a commitment to hiring exceptional individuals with diverse expertise.

In an industry where offshoring continues to be met with trepidation, Simon emphasises the transparency and ethical foundation of Xperate. The company's steadfast commitment to never appropriating intellectual property has cultivated trust among clients, contributing significantly to its exponential growth.

In conclusion, Simon Hill is not just the CEO of Xperate; he embodies a visionary leader propelling innovation, growth, and ethical practices in the legal tech landscape. With a profound passion for excellence and a team of exceptional individuals, Simon's journey at Xperate stands as a testament to the transformative power of effective leadership and a steadfast commitment to redefining industry norms.




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