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About us

Tech driven answers
to complex problems

Our global team combines innovation with empathy, creating powerful, bespoke software solutions for everyone.

Our journey as a company started in 2021, but our expertise and experience runs far deeper.

Drawing on 7 decades of combined experience, Simon Hill (CEO) & Mark Garnish (COO), our co-founders, wanted to prove that cost-effective, reliable and quality outsourced software development is possible, regardless of your organisation's size.

Technological curiosity

Whether through integrations that increase process efficiency or through completely bespoke software design, our team in India, headed by our CTO, Bharat Gidde, shares our commitment to reliable software development that is powerful, cost-effective and efficient.

Our fast growing team is technologically curious at heart, determined to find innovative solutions that work for you.


Our leadership team

Simon Hill

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Garnish

Chief Operating Officer

Bharat Gidde

Chief Technical Officer

Richard Gray

Non-Executive Director

Jaykumar Chougule

Chief Technical Architect

Stuart Hatt

Head of Operations

Hayley Burrey

Head of Sales

Nilay Deshpande

Operations Director

Vaibhav Patil

Development Director

Becky Patterson

Executive Assistant

Josh Lewis

Senior Solutions Consultant

Rob Carter

Senior Solutions Consultant

Reuben Manning

Senior Technical Consultant

Ryan Joss

Solutions Consultant

Anna Dickens

Solutions Consultant

Dan Bratton

Business Development Executive

Kiran Dashrath

Technical Project Manager

Prashant Kadtan

Technical Project Manager

Dipshikha Kulshrestha

Talent Acquisition Manager

Bandopant Nagale

Lead Developer

Pratik Shah

Lead Developer

Vinay Sharma

Lead Developer

Ruhi Hussain

Lead Test Engineer

Aditya Rana

Lead Test Engineer

Powerful solutions,
rigorous ethics

We champion confidentiality and stand by our company ethics. Our integrity matters to us and when it comes to taking on new projects we work to three guiding principles.

  • We will never develop software that bypasses the need to purchase a 3rd party licence
  • We will, wherever possible, get permission from all parties for the work that we do before we start
  • We will never discuss our work or our clients without their express permission to do so

We take the same ethical stance with our team members. We are proud to be an international company and treat all of our people equally, harmonising contracts in all the regions where we work so that everyone is focused on the same goals. We do not expect any of our people to work outside normal hours for their time zone and are delighted that our clients support this approach.


Careers at Xperate

Our global team is fast-growing and we are always looking for people who can make our customers’ experience a success.

If you think you have the skills to develop powerful, bespoke software solutions, designs and integrations, get in touch today.

I love that the Company values teamwork and collaboration. Everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts and suggestions - the result is a truly united team that works together to find the best solutions.

Becky Patterson

I can honestly say I look forward to coming to work every day and being able to make a difference to our clients and my team members.

Shubham Kadam

Xperate is a great place to work and strives for a friendly, team-oriented environment, that is sensitive to balancing work and personal time.

Mayur Patil

The mix of Indian and Western cultures into our day-to-day work is a refreshing change.

Prashant Kadtan

Everybody in the company, from top to bottom, is very supportive.

Sohan Patil

Working at Xperate has allowed for new opportunities and collaborations in a healthy workplace environment.

Ryan Joss

I love working at Xperate because we are passionate about adding value for our clients and every person’s opinion matters.

Kiran Dashrath

An energetic atmosphere, transparent culture, leadership support and many learning opportunities make Xperate a great place to work.

Ajinkya Lokhande

The work culture and passion of every individual working here motivates me every day.

Mayur Narkhede

At Xperate I get the chance to embrace a world full of new challenges, pushing me on a healthy growth trend both personally & professionally.

Nilay Deshpande

Working alongside colleagues who are highly regarded and knowledgeable in their fields of expertise has allowed me to absorb, adapt and then apply new skills, putting them instantly into practice.

Josh Lewis

There is a healthy work-life balance that makes Xperate a great place to work.

Bandu Nagale

Xperate provides everyone the freedom to explore the best solutions for our clients.

Nikhil Polawar

The company invests a lot of time, energy and money in their employees. It is so nice working for a company that truly cares about their team.

Archana Patil

Embracing the best from our mix of cultures has been educational and invigorating, it is at the heart of everything we do and the decisions we make.

Stuart Hatt

I feel so fortunate to be a part of Xperate. If you are looking for an excellent work culture with opportunities to learn and grow then Xperate is the best place to work.

Dipshikha Kulshrestha

The collaborative spirit here is more than just a philosophy; it's the backbone of our achievements and the foundation of a thriving workplace. 

Aditya Rana

At the heart of this exceptional company lies a precious gem; respect.  At Xperate every individual's opinion is not only heard but genuinely valued.

Aditya Kulkarni

In this world of competition where everything is changing so rapidly, Xperate provides you with a platform to strengthen your roots and gives you wings to explore.

Mandar Gogate

Collaborative teamwork and diverse projects make every day rewarding and the company's commitment to continuous learning offers endless opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Srushti Saliyan

It's fantastic to be working with enthusiastic, motivated and talented people at the leading edge of a fast-growing company, knowing we are making a positive impact to our clients.

Reuben Manning

Xperate's work-life balance and culture make it a great place to work. Having a supportive team and leaders is a big plus!

Kaushal Shah

I am thrilled to be a part of Xperate’s incredible working environment! The supportive team and positive atmosphere make every day a joy to come to work. It’s the perfect place to thrive and excel!

Pritesh Shetty

Surrounded by brilliance and nurtured with unwavering support, working with our amazing team is an absolute delight.

Osama Qureshi

Feeling super lucky to be working with so many passionate and talented individuals.

Ranjit Shelar

I love the environment that the company provides. It is very good for learning and applying your knowledge in the real world. 

Aniket Kumbhar

News & Opinion

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12 September 2023 | 1 minute read

Xperate has further success with our Graduate recruitment program after being invited to a leading Technology & Engineering campus in Maharashtra, India

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22 August 2023 | 3 minute read

Market leaders FileTrail and Xperate forge successful partnership. Read about how the Xperate have supported FileTrail over the last 12 months.

Pune team celebrate Independence Day

15 August 2023 | 1 minute read

Our Development team in Pune gather together to celebrate Indian Independence day on this important national holiday.

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