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Xperate and ONP Group collaborate to develop ChatGPT Microsoft add-in

Xperate and ONP Group have announced a collaborative project to develop a Microsoft add-in for Outlook and Word. Legal PAI (Personal Artificial Intelligence) aims to leverage the capabilities of ChatGPT, an AI-powered language model, to assist law firms in drafting and responding to documents and emails.

Offering a series of standard and user defined commands such as “Improve this” or “Redraft this section” or “add a paragraph about [x]”, the new application helps users to highlight some or all of an email or document and instruct Legal PAI to make suggested improvements and even to create additional content.

Andrew Taylor, Chief Technology Officer at ONP Group commented: 

“We are committed to exceeding expectations and delivering a seamless experience for clients.  
“We are always looking to improve efficiency and enhance client service through investments in modern technology. ChatGPT is just one example of an innovative technology that will help us achieve these goals." 

“We see lawyer relationships with their clients as critical to the experience and will not replace these direct interactions and communication. However, we are keen to explore how Legal PAI can interpret the extensive data in our Case Management System and if this can assist legal professionals in their responses. “

“We feel working with Xperate and releasing the product for wider use provides the best opportunity for the legal industry to identify practical uses of Chat-GPT and ultimately improve the client experience”

Safeguards have been built in to ensure that Legal PAI responses are not automatically sent without human verification. However, plans are underway to consider use cases where the technology could automatically draft a response to an email. While the technology is capable of doing so now, it is likely to be sometime before this will be implemented with ONP prioritising a robust validation of accuracy.

Mark Garnish, Chief Operating Officer of Xperate was just as enthusiastic. 

“We are used to being asked to get involved in development projects at the leading edge of legal technology innovation and were delighted when ONP Group asked us to work with them on this initiative; this development will revolutionise the way that lawyers interact with email and word in the future. ”

Xperate are launching an early adopter program for a small number of firms in the UK and the USA. If you would like to be involved or for further information, please visit here.

Read more about Legal PAI via Mark's interview with the Legal Insider here.

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