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What Trends are Shaping the Landscape in 2024 and Beyond?

We were asked by our Partner, Exizent, to contribute to their latest newsletter and thought we would take the opportunity to explore some of the modern challenges surrounding integrations and data migrations – an area where we possess specialist expertise.

What trends are shaping the landscape as we venture through 2024 and beyond?

While it has long been a trend for law firms to adopt cloud-based PCMS and ‘Best of Breed’ solutions, we are now witnessing the emergence of firms transitioning from one cloud provider to another. This has introduced a new style of data migration – cloud to cloud.

This brings its own challenges, with some suppliers being more reluctant than others to return the data to its rightful owner in a useable format, along with the more limited options available to migrate the data to its new home. The days of manipulating data in a SQL database after it has been migrated are over, with an increased emphasis on preparing data in different formats before it is migrated. It is much harder, or impossible even, to alter data in multi tenanted hosted databases. This has positive implications, fostering greater data management discipline between the two systems. However, rectifying any issues post-migration can be quite challenging.

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When it comes to accounts data specifically, many modern cloud systems offer a ‘balances only’ approach. While there is logic behind this, as it simplifies migrations and reduces the risk of future issues, it also results in the loss of crucial historical data. We explored this topic in our article here and proposed potential solutions.

Integrations between different systems also offer different challenges where both systems are cloud based. In theory, an integration between two cloud systems should be easy (and it is) but not everyone is open with their APIs and there are still some cloud based suppliers who don’t have APIs that can be used by third parties. This often comes as a surprise to the end users! 

So who can you rely on to develop a “cloud to cloud” migration? Ideally, one of the suppliers involved will take ownership of the project and develop something appropriate, however, we have seen several instances where all parties just say “we have APIs available – feel free to use them”. This neatly throws the problem back to the law firm who, in many cases, don’t have the skills and/or time available to take on this type of work.  

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Additionally, it may introduce an unnecessary third system specifically designed to facilitate communication between two cloud systems. This third system must either be installed on premise (which can be counterproductive if you’ve already embraced a cloud strategy) or be offered as an additional cloud service, thereby increasing complexity and costs.

How can Xperate assist?

Current trends in data, migration, and integration highlight the growing demand for seamless, secure, and efficient data management across diverse platforms and systems. Xperate addresses these trends by offering tailored solutions in software development and consultancy.

We specialise in crafting and executing data migration strategies, ensuring smooth transitions from legacy systems to modern platforms. Our expertise in integration enables firms to connect disparate systems, streamline operations, and gain maximum value from their data.

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Whether it involves leveraging cloud technologies or creating bespoke solutions, Xperate provides comprehensive support to tackle the evolving challenges of data management, migration and integration.

Xperate enables organisations to maximise the potential of their data in today's cloud and hybrid world.

For more information on the services Xperate can provide please contact us.


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