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Xperate achieves Cyber Essentials Certified Plus status

Xperate has been awarded Cyber Essentials Plus (CE+) certification and we're delighted!

CE+ is a great accreditation to have. Unlike its counterpart (Cyber Essentials) CE+ is only granted after an external assessor has verified your security arrangements.


These include:

  • Ensuring our anti-virus software is working
  • Making sure we have up to date anti-malware software in place
  • Scanning our external IP addresses for vulnerabilities
  • Ensuring our machines are appropriately patched

Every computer in Xperate was scanned to check for vulnerabilities and external-facing IP addresses were tested to make sure they were secure.

Of course, it doesn’t mean we will stop being diligent, but to have an independent assessor pick laptops at random and specifically test them to check that viruses and other malware cannot easily slip in through email and web browsers gives you confidence that the systems and infrastructures Xperate have set up are robust.

If you have not been through CE+ accreditation you should consider it for the peace of mind it provides. That and you get a shiny badge!


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