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Unlocking Operational Excellence: A Case Study on the Partnership with Masson Glennie LLP


Masson Glennie LLP, a well established multi-service firm with a legacy of over 80 years, embarked on a transformative journey to optimise its operational efficiency. Recognising the untapped potential within their case management system and seeking seamless integration with their Windows operating system, the firm turned to Xperate, a specialist legal sector software development company. This case study delves into the collaborative efforts between Masson Glennie LLP and Xperate, showcasing the intricate details of the background, consultation, development, and delivery phases of this close partnership.


In the heart of North-East Aberdeenshire, Masson Glennie LLP has been a stalwart in delivering legal, property, and financial services. Boasting a team of over 25 professionals, the firm possesses specialised knowledge in local industries, including fishing, agriculture, oil and gas, renewables, and engineering. As a forward-thinking entity, Masson Glennie LLP recognised the need for harnessing the full potential of their case management system and integrating it seamlessly with their Windows operating system.

With a team size of around 25, the firm faced the challenge of not having its own dedicated IT department. The pragmatic solution was found in the services of Xperate, with its unique Retention Consultancy Services. The decision to partner with Xperate was underlined by the firm's commitment to professionalism and forward thinking, seeking to enhance their operational capabilities and efficiency.


Marjorie Sutherland (pictured above)

"It was important to assemble the right team for the software development initiative. I have previously worked with Simon Hill, CEO, and Mark Garnish COO, before, and recognised their capabilities and entrusted them with the task."

Marjorie Sutherland, Managing Partner


Marjorie Sutherland, the driving force behind the project at Masson Glennie LLP, emphasised the importance of assembling the right team for the software development initiative. Having previously worked with Simon Hill, CEO, and Mark Garnish, COO, of Xperate, she recognised their capabilities and entrusted them with the task. Opting for a Retention Consultancy approach, Masson Glennie LLP brought in Josh Lewis, a Senior Solutions Consultant from Xperate, to work closely with the firm for two days each month.

The Retention Consultancy model aimed to embed a consultant within Masson Glennie LLP, enabling them to develop a deep understanding of the business culture, objectives, and working practices. Josh's deployment initially took place onsite, ensuring a hands-on approach to understanding the intricacies of Masson Glennie LLP's operations. As the relationship evolved and trust was established, the collaboration seamlessly transitioned to remote work, allowing for increased flexibility without compromising efficiency.

The typical working week began with an early meeting to align priorities, followed by a daily summary to review progress. This approach ensured consistent workflow, enabling Masson Glennie LLP to leverage the expertise of its solicitors, property managers, and financial advisers on client work, while development work was carried out seamlessly in the background.


Josh Lewis (pictured above)


Under Josh Lewis's dedicated consultancy, various aspects of software development were undertaken to enhance Masson Glennie LLP's operational efficiency.

Business as Usual (BAU) Development: This involved addressing day-to-day challenges through amendments to Precedent coding, updating quoting modules, and incorporating new custom fields and screens.

Workflow Project Development: Creating new workflows across multiple work types, such as the Property Workflow, streamlined processes from client inception through the legal procedures of property transactions to completion.

Business Process Automation Development: Implementing automation to reduce repetitive tasks, such as automatically creating charges against client accounts associated with legal activities, without requiring user interaction.

Development of Bespoke Solutions: Crafting customised solutions, such as a Web Form for valuation agents to digitally capture property details, reduced data input and enhanced data quality.

The collaboration developed dynamically, with Josh seamlessly integrating into the Masson Glennie LLP team. Marjorie Sutherland commended Josh's expertise and his ability to turn ideas into creative solutions. The Retention Consultancy model proved to be a catalyst for continuous improvement, allowing for the speedy implementation of ideas and fostering an environment where the firm could evolve and develop organically.

"The collaboration developed dynamically, with Josh seamlessly integrating into the Masson Glennie LLP team with his expertise and ability to turn ideas into creative solutions."

Marjorie Sutherland, Managing Partner


The collaborative efforts between Xperate and Masson Glennie LLP culminated in the successful delivery of a transformative software solution. Rigorous testing procedures were implemented to ensure the solution's reliability, security, and performance. Post-implementation support and training were provided to ensure a smooth transition, empowering Masson Glennie LLP's staff to maximise the benefits of the new software.

The beauty of the Retention Consultancy model was evident in its ability to allow Masson Glennie LLP's users to focus on legal work, secure in the knowledge that business processes and technology enabling their work were taken care of. The consistent workflow facilitated by the partnership allowed the firm to employ an optimum workforce, reduce overheads, and maximise profitability.



In conclusion, the partnership between Xperate and Masson Glennie LLP stands as a great example of the power of collaboration and strategic software development. By understanding the client's background, engaging in thorough consultation, executing a meticulous development process, and ensuring a smooth delivery, Xperate successfully addressed the unique challenges faced by Masson Glennie LLP, ultimately contributing to the optimisation of their legal operations.

This case study highlights the value of a professional and friendly partnership that goes beyond conventional client-service provider relationships. The mutual understanding, shared objectives, and collaborative spirit between Masson Glennie LLP and Xperate exemplify the potential for transformative outcomes when expertise and innovation come together in the realm of software development.






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