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Meet the Team with Jaykumar Chougule, Chief Technical Architect

In our ongoing series of "Meet the Team" interviews, we spoke with Jaykumar Chougule, Chief Technical Architect at Xperate. Jaykumar is one of the key figures in our Pune office, and in this interview, we learn what he enjoys the most about life at Xperate, his motivations for success, and how he unwinds away from the office.

Why did you want to join Xperate?

My motivation to join Xperate came from my long-standing working relationship with several of the Company's board members, including Simon Hill, Mark Garnish and Bharat Gidde. Having worked together since 2014, when I was employed at Infosys, I had full confidence that the concept of Xperate would prove to be successful. When I was invited to join Xperate in 2021, I didn’t hesitate to say yes as I knew the fantastic opportunities that it would bring for me personally, and for businesses around the world.

I have previously worked with large global IT companies and this experience has allowed me to develop an extensive skill set. Over the years, I’ve developed the ability to identify the challenges that firms are facing, and how I can help provide innovative solutions. I was extremely keen to bring this expertise to Xperate.

Jay 1

What is the thing you most enjoy about your work and why?

There are so many things I enjoy about working for Xperate, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one.

Firstly, the work-life balance is great. Each member of the team has a drive to deliver exceptional results for clients, yet Xperate makes sure that this unwavering dedication never encroaches upon your personal life. Their commitment to staff wellbeing consistently ensures high morale and has created a team of passionate employees who produce high-quality work for clients. I predominantly work in our Pune office, but Xperate provides me with the flexibility to work remotely when needed.

I’ve been working in the technology industry for many years, however, there are always new things to learn while working at Xperate. I have the autonomy to acquire new skills and knowledge independently and I actively contribute to the growth and development of our junior staff by sharing my latest discoveries and current expertise on a weekly basis. These training sessions are beneficial to all participants, as I delve into new releases in technology and how to utilise them effectively.

During my time with Xperate, I have been able to travel the world and visit countries such as the UK and the United States of America.

Where would you like to see Xperate in 5 years? 

Over the next 5 years, it would be great to see Xperate grow to a team of over 300 staff members, including more employees who work on the technical side of our projects. With this growth, I would also like Xperate to further establish our presence globally, in particular in North America, Australia and across Europe.

I would also like Xperate to carefully monitor the advancements of AI over the next few years. I’m a big advocate for AI and strongly believe that it could elevate Xperate to new heights. Whilst AI is extremely time efficient and productive, it is important to remember that AI is most effective when mixed with human expertise.

Jay 2

What motivates you to achieve success?

At Xperate, each day is different. I am always working on new projects or advancing existing ones and it is this variation that motivates me to hit our goals and achieve success.

I am passionate about making a difference for our clients. In my role, I architect, design and develop various software solutions for clients across a wide range of technologies and business domains. When working on these projects, I always aim to transform the way that clients operate their software, through innovation, efficiencies and effectiveness.

How do you unwind outside of work?

Away from the office, I like to spend time watching action films and listening to different genres of music. When time permits I enjoy hiking, as there are many routes and mountains near where I live in Pune.

Whenever I get the opportunity I love to travel and I have been lucky to visit the United States of America many times and also travel across my home country of India.

I have a keen interest in farming and help my father run his farm when I get the chance. Here, I harvest crops, grow vegetables such as watermelon and tomatoes, and also look after a variety of different animals.


Connect with Jaykumar on LinkedIn here


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