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Meet the Team with Mark Garnish, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

In our ongoing series of "Meet the Team" interviews, we caught up with Mark Garnish, co-founder of Xperate. As the driving force behind the company, Mark shares his insights into building a business from scratch, the challenges in the legal industry, and a surprising source of motivation.

What has been your standout achievement at Xperate?

Simon (Hill) and I have been directors and owners of legal tech businesses since 1998 but these have always been existing businesses; MBOs, takeovers etc. Xperate was something we decided to start from scratch, to build a business with no debt and no external shareholders. We literally started on day 1 with a website and (we hoped) a good idea.

To be part of building that business with the freedom to make our own decisions and recruit the very best people in our industry in India and the UK has been a huge challenge but brings with it a huge sense of achievement.

I am delighted that so many of our clients and team members shared that vision and agreed to work with us to make Xperate what it is today.

If you could give your younger self one piece of career advice, what would it be?

I know that many will disagree with me but if you are able to, take bold steps early in your career. Start a business when you're young before the commitments pile up and you talk yourself out of it (as I did on a few occasions). Of course, waiting until you are financially settled can take a considerable amount of time and you may not have the appetite for it then!

Mark, Hayley & Simon at Gala Dinner

Do you have an unlikely source of inspiration or motivation?

I don’t have any specific source of inspiration but I have always admired people that create small businesses from scratch (especially technology businesses) and people who are just drawn to run their own businesses. That said I think I am probably unemployable now!


What is a common problem in your industry that you think needs to be talked about?

For me, one of the biggest challenges is the inability of suppliers to law firms to collaborate effectively. Law firms should be comfortable and able to use solutions from anywhere without worrying about if they will work with each other. Essentially, all players in the industry should be prepared to work seamlessly together.


How do you unwind outside of work?

Outside of work, as many people will know, I love cycling, a hobby that allows me to unwind. After all you cannot reply to an email on a bike! It has been a struggle to maintain the same level of motivation since we started Xperate and whilst the spirit is willing, sometimes the body is weak.

Nevertheless this February I am cycling the length of New Zealand, a ride known as the Tour Aotearoa. It’s a 30 day 3000km ride which should keep me out of trouble.


Mark's Epic Bike Ride Challenge

Mark is gearing up for the adventurous challenge of cycling the entire length of New Zealand a mind boggling, 3,000 km, stretching from Cape Reinga to Bluff. The Tour Aotearoa takes cyclists through a mix of cycle trails, tracks, paths, and lanes, showcasing the best of New Zealand's cycling landscape.

The route, designed by Jonathan Kennett, a renowned cycling guidebook writer, includes Great Rides, Heartland Rides, and serene backcountry roads. Mark's unique challenge involves being self-supported, carrying all necessary equipment himself, and tackling a 50-50 mix of on-road and off-road terrains.

Whilst a daunting challenge for most people, Mark will be relying on his extensive riding history and experience. As well as a wonderful opportunity to raise money for his chosen charity, Great Ormond Street Hospital, it is also a memorable way to celebrate a significant birthday.

As Mark embraces this cycling challenge, it reflects his commitment to pushing boundaries and seeking new horizons—qualities that have undoubtedly contributed to the success and innovation at Xperate.

If you would like to donate to Great Ormond Street Hospital please follow this link.


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