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Meet the Team with Stuart Hatt, Head of Operations - UK

In the next edition of our "Meet the Team" series, we had a discussion with Xperate’s Head of Operations in the UK, Stuart Hatt. Stuart was Xperate’s first UK-based employee, and in this interview, we learnt why he joined Xperate, his motivations, and how he unwinds away from work.

Why did you want to join Xperate?

I have worked with Simon Hill and Mark Garnish for over twenty years, and when the opportunity to join them at Xperate arose, I simply couldn’t turn it down. They have created a fantastic environment of like-minded experts, all passionate about delivering the best service possible to our clients. Here at Xperate, and at previous companies, Simon, Mark, and Bharat Gidde have always put their employees at the core of the business. This has created an unbreakable bond within the team.

When joining Xperate as Head of Operations I had the chance to work closely with a team of consultants, most of whom I have worked with for over ten years. From our history, we already have a strong relationship and this cohesion ensures that projects, integrations, and products are always delivered to clients promptly and professionally. Xperate has a very open culture and communication is highly encouraged. The whole team is usually involved when creating new projects and this close collaboration ensures relationships are constantly being positively developed.

In addition to this, Xperate’s UK office, based in Winchester, is easily commutable from my house!

Stuart Hatt

What is the thing you most enjoy about your work and why?

There are very few companies that can do the work that Xperate does. With an extensive background in project management delivery, my role here at Xperate allows me to focus on what I enjoy the most, which is going above and beyond to provide a quality, bespoke service to clients. I thoroughly enjoy the flexibility of working with various intuitive software, and this gives me the freedom to create innovative solutions that greatly benefit our clients.

Over the last few years, the legal technology market has undergone significant transformation. As many firms still tend to stick with their current products this presents an opportunity for us as a business to maximise the potential of clients' existing resources, such as integrating two products for the first time.

I find it very refreshing to have such an open line of communication with our team in Pune. At my previous companies, the development team seemed to always work behind closed doors. The culture of our impressive team in Pune truly enriches the Xperate team as a whole and I thoroughly enjoy learning all about their ethics and values.

Where would you like to see Xperate in 5 years? 

In five years, I’d love to see Xperate capitalise on the immense potential presented by our recent expansion into North America. Our venture into this market has opened up many key opportunities which could propel Xperate to new heights. I hope to see Xperate’s presence continue to grow in regions where we can add significant value to our clients, utilising our expertise and innovative solutions to drive their success.

Xperate's pursuit of growth and value creation is deeply ingrained in its culture. The business has always embraced a "grab it and go" mentality, which has greatly benefited our clients, as it allows us to provide them with access to unique and valuable services that they cannot find elsewhere. Working with Mark and Simon is fantastic as they are always looking for ways to grow and expand and I am pleased to be a part of Xperate’s journey.

Stuart Hatt 2

What motivates you to achieve success?

One of my primary motivations for achieving success is the drive to deliver quality products and services that truly benefit our clients. This mindset is shared by every member of the Xperate team, and it has been the driving force behind our success since the business was created. Having worked closely with clients for more than twenty years at previous companies, I understand the importance of consistently providing exceptional value, and it is this commitment that has allowed us to maintain strong, long-lasting relationships. One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is the opportunity to bring in new clients and witness their immediate appreciation for Xperate's personalised and high-quality service. 

I am fortunate to work alongside a like-minded team that has built and developed a fantastic relationship, inside and outside the office. We never shy away from addressing issues head-on, and many of our recent additions to the team have been individuals who have previously worked with our management, ensuring they share Xperate’s ethos and commitment to excellence.

How do you unwind outside of work?

When not in the office, I spend most of my free time outdoors. My wife and I have two dogs (a Pugshire and a rescue dog) so we love to take them for walks along the coast, through the countryside or into the forest. 
I am an avid sports fan and take a keen interest in most sports. With summer approaching I am looking forward to the cricket and Formula 1 seasons. I also like to listen to music, get stuck into a good book, go travelling and experience different foods.

With two daughters aged twenty-one and nineteen, I always cherish my time with them. However, nowadays it mainly consists of driving them around along with many other ‘Dad duties’!

Connect with Stuart on LinkedIn here.


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