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More success for our Graduate Recruitment Scheme

Continuing on from last year's highly successful graduate recruitment drive, Xperate have recently completed the process for our 2024 program.

This year we were delighted to be invited to interview potential candidates at DKTE Society's Textile and Engineering Institute.  DKTE is the leading private engineering campus in Maharashtra, India. There was an incredible response to our recruitment campaign and our team were able to discuss our Intern roles with over 200 applicants.

After conducting various technical assessments alongside written and oral interviews, the team have offered roles to 7 of the highest performing students. The selected students will join Xperate in January 2024 under our successful Intern program.  

This program has previously provided Xperate with the highest calibre of students who have prospered under our mentorship scheme by learning new technologies and building valuable experience in the fast paced Legal Technology sector. 

We congratulate all our new Interns and look forward to working with them next year.


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