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New Year, New Office, New Team

When we started the business we weren’t sure we would ever want or need an office in the UK and certainly had no plans to open one. Things change though and in the end, it was our new team who persuaded us. It appears that not everyone is entirely happy working from home 100% of the time and the team wanted a hybrid approach where they could work at home occasionally but be in the office most of the time. We were happy to oblige - Xperate Towers* is open for business.

If you are going to open an office it makes sense to fill it and we started the year with a two-day induction for some of the best people in our industry – it was great to see them all and was the best start to the New Year we could have hoped for. We are delighted to welcome all of our new colleagues.

Becky Patterson – Executive Assistant

If you know Becky you will know that she is one of the best organisers around and can turn her hand to just about anything. An advocate for promoting women in IT and Industry in general and this is something we are keen for her to continue to do in the UK and India. Becky will be running our office (and all of us) and we couldn’t be in safer hands.

Craig Dootson – Senior Account Manager

Craig’s credentials for establishing relationships with all his clients are well known and something he takes very seriously. He has long wanted to offer a wider development service to his clients and joining Xperate will let him do just that.

Josh Lewis – Senior Solutions Consultant

Josh has worked in Legal IT for most (ok all) of his career and is something of an expert in case management systems and data integrations specifically. He is often the first person that many people turn to if they have a problem that others are struggling to solve.

Reuben Manning – Senior Technical Consultant

Reuben’s skills are many and varied. Many people claim to be an expert in SQL but he really is one. He’s also an experienced developer but his real skills come with understanding what people are trying to achieve and working out how to make it happen. Reuben will be working with our UK based clients to design and deliver (and maybe sometimes code) bespoke systems for them.

Rob Carter – Senior Solutions Consultant

Rob is someone else who has spent all of his career in legal technology and often has clients booking up his services months in advance. He is an expert in workflow design and implementation and will be developing similar services for Xperate’s clients.

If you want to get in touch with us or any of the team please do. It would be great to hear from you. Happy New Year from everyone at Xperate!

*There may be a bit of poetic license here 😊


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