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Xperate partners with LMS to deliver "plug & play" solutions for law firms

Last autumn we were approached by LMS, the UK’s leading provider of conveyancing services, to investigate if we could develop a "plug and play" generic connector to enable most of the traditional case management systems used in the UK to integrate with their services.
This was quite a challenge due to the lack of API’s and standard interfaces used in common conveyancing systems, in addition to the lack of bandwidth from law firms to develop them.
We challenged our teams to create a solution – and they did!

Xperate has built a series of “connectors” that allows each firm to access these technologies through their own CMS provider, with the necessary API development done behind the scenes between LMS and Xperate. This positive movement will benefit all firms regardless of size with the ability to access digital tools through their own CMS provider without the need to require IT development – a first for the industry.

Development work is well underway, and we expect the first Beta test sites to go live over the next couple of months.
LMS works with over 4000 law firms in the UK. That means that if you are one of their clients, you can benefit from LMS service and product workflows bringing added efficiency to your conveyancing processes.
LMS issued a press release on our new partnership which you can read in Today's Conveyancer here.

You can register your interest and be kept up to date on the progress of this innovative approach by clicking this link.


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