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LegalWeek 2024 - A Week in New York with Mark Bilson

Mark Bilson, Xperate’s Chief Commercial Officer for North America recently returned from a whirlwind trip to the United States of America, attending LegalWeek 2024 in New York, participating in several daily meetings with potential clients and partners. Here we capture the key insights and highlights of his LegalWeek experience and his main takeaways from the event.


Mark at Legal Week

LegalWeek 2024

Described as the "one legal event that hits all the marks for information, education, and networking", LegalWeek is an event where thousands of legal professionals gather to explore the business and regulatory trends, technology and talent drivers impacting the industry. 

A key theme displayed throughout the event was the surging rise of AI and how this can affect lawyers. It seems like AI is rapidly making its way into law firms, and after many conversations with other attendees, Mark strongly believes that the key to a successful firm is a good mix of AI tech and quality staff.

This event certainly didn’t disappoint. Alongside Xperate CEO Simon Hill, Mark spent most of his time at LegalWeek engaging with industry peers discussing all aspects of legal technology. In fact, the interest on the services Xperate provide was so strong that Mark didn’t get the opportunity to visit any of the key speakers! 

Nonetheless, he thoroughly enjoyed the busy nature of the event and made some meaningful new connections whilst catching up with old friends. This was a fantastic event and Mark is excited to attend again next year.

Making the most of the trip

Mark didn’t just visit the United States of America for LegalWeek, he also took the opportunity to develop the presence Xperate have in this location. In fact, Mark and Simon spent one full day purely in client meetings. 

Xperate were also pleased to receive an invitation, as a high-growth UK company, to attend the Department for Business and Trade reception for legal innovators. With HMTC Kunal Khatri and Lord Dominic Johnson of Lainston CBE as the guest speakers, Xperate thoroughly enjoyed attending.


The final day of their meetings in New York took place at the iconic TWA Hotel at JFK airport. Mark has childhood memories of the TWA from visiting his grandmother, so returning to this hotel was particularly poignant to him.

This hotel has been re-created in the style of the original TWA Flight Centre at JFK airport in 1962, complete with a sunken lounge, rooftop pool and memorabilia from that golden age of air travel. Being in such a fun, amazing venue was the perfect way to cap off an extremely successful week.


Having previously lived in the Upper West Side, New York, Mark loved the chance to ‘return home’ and was the perfect tour guide for Simon, navigating him all around the city. They even ended up walking over twenty-five miles over the course of their visit.  

Global Presence, Local Expertise

Xperate possesses a unique hybrid model with offices in the UK and India, as well as looking to get a third office in the United States of America. A large part of Mark’s trip was to grow our presence in this area of the world and he was able to engage in successful meetings regarding hiring Xperate’s first employee from the United States of America.

This strategic approach of Xperate allows them to leverage the top talent from the leading technical universities in Pune, known for their world-class technical expertise, while maintaining close proximity to European clients and beyond. This model has been met with resounding success, with clients worldwide appreciating the blend of cultural understanding and technical prowess.


A culture of flexibility and collaboration

Mark also shed light on the "daylighting" practice observed in some Indian companies, where employees have more control over their work hours. Xperate fosters a similar culture of flexibility and collaboration, allowing its global team to work seamlessly across time zones and differing lifestyles. Xperate’s extremely low attrition rate, sub 3%, with regards to staff turnover can be attributed to their models of working and employment.   

Observing AI Innovation

Mark discerned a surge in interest in legal tech solutions during his visit, particularly regarding AI. Whilst initially sceptical, he has recently embraced the idea of exploring the potential of AI to complement human expertise and enhance efficiency. Mark believes that AI is not meant to replace lawyers but to empower them to deliver exceptional results.

 Key trends shaping the legal tech landscape

The legal tech market is experiencing a period of rapid transformation, with cloud adoption, data integration, and offshore development playing crucial roles. Mark recognises the importance of these trends, highlighting the cost-effectiveness and scalability offered by offshore development centres such as Xperate’s in Pune.

Looking ahead at expansion in the United States of America

Mark is scheduled to participate in further United States of America-based user conferences in May 2024 and hold meetings in Denver and Colorado.  This proactive approach reflects Xperate's commitment to staying ahead of the curve and expanding its reach in the global market. 





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