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Meet the Team with Hayley Burrey, Head of Sales

In our next instalment of the ‘Meet the Team’ series, we have interviewed Hayley Burrey, our Head of Sales.

Since joining Xperate only ten months ago, Hayley has been a key contributor to Xperate’s soaring growth and expansion. In this interview, Hayley outlines her biggest personal achievements, how she spends her spare time, and her best career advice.

What’s something you’re most proud of about Xperate?

As a woman I am extremely proud of being appointed as Head of Sales for Xperate within the legal tech sector, which is traditionally a male-dominated industry.

Whilst I may have three decades of experience both in business and the technology industry, my entry into the legal tech space was a fresh endeavour when I joined Xperate in May 2023.

However, being super keen to embrace the challenge, and in a short space of time, I am rather proud of the rapid gain of sector specific knowledge including the various DMS and PCMS, along with my integration into the legal community with both law firm and vendors. 

In addition, I have seamlessly integrated into a team of professionals where the majority have worked together for twenty-five years. I thrive on attending as many networking events as I can, to enhance my legal knowledge, meet new contacts and strengthen existing relationships. 

Hayley Burrey 1

If you could give your younger self one piece of career advice, what would it be?

It would be to embrace the extraordinary and to not underestimate myself.

Previous company experiences have taught me the power of voicing my ideas.  In the early stages of my career, I would have innovative and industrious ideas but hold back from sharing them publicly or in meetings with senior peers. However, I found once I raised my suggestions in one-on-one discussions, they were met with enthusiasm and praise. This instilled in me the valuable lesson that every idea holds value and that confidence in expressing your thoughts can unlock limitless opportunities for further innovation.

Building on that experience, I firmly believe that every voice deserves to be heard. Companies like Xperate, where creativity and innovation are embraced, understand the value of this.

Do you have an unlikely source of inspiration or motivation?

The motivation behind my efforts stems from the incredible people I am privileged to call my colleagues, across both our UK and India offices. I find their unparalleled skill set and dedication to perfection truly inspiring and I am driven to represent them to the best of my ability, as they richly deserve.  Together, we are achieving great things.

Understanding that I am still relatively new to this sector, and a sponge of absorbing information, the team are proactive and generous with their time to ensure I am constantly appraised. The Xperate team have hundreds of years combined experience and they go out of their way to pass as much of that knowledge and expertise to me as possible.

The amazing ethics and culture that Xperate has created is what truly motivates me to strive for daily improvement. We are a tightly knit team at Xperate and every endeavour we undertake embodies seamless collaboration, which reflects our shared commitment to excellence. I am so proud to be part of the team.

Hayley Burrey 2

What is a widespread problem, or contradiction, in your industry that you think needs to be talked about?

There still seems to be a significant apprehension regarding the security implications of integrating AI within the legal sector. I am sure that AI will be the future of technology and the opportunities that it presents us with are endless. I have heard comments from some law firms referencing the consequential impact that any reduction in transactional time would have on billable hours. However, AI can make a firm’s operations more efficient, meaning that they could drastically expand their clientele, and fee earners could be bringing in more income for the business.

This is the most exciting and important time to be in the legal technology sector and I think that AI, in combination with the integration of cloud technology is rapidly paving the way for the future.  I am a huge advocate for AI and would love for more lawyers to recognise, and embrace, the potential.

How do you unwind outside of work?

I am an outdoor person and love to be connected with all the elements. I am lucky to live in the open countryside and regularly go for 5-10k walks my 3-year-old Spaniel Herbie, who equally adores it.


However, my biggest passion is the ocean. It doesn’t matter if I’m in it, on it, or around it, the sea invigorates me and makes me feel truly one with the world. I have always been a ‘water baby’ and I thoroughly enjoy swimming, kayaking and sailing.

Having grown up on horseback, I also have a love for all thing equestrian.  In fact, one of my dreams in life is to ‘ride Western’ through the Grand Canyon!

Connect with Hayley on LinkedIn here
+44 (0) 7774 926567


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