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New Office Opened in India

This weekend we were thrilled to open our brand new office in India.

The office is based in central Pune and was officially opened by the local corporator. All staff, and their families, were invited to attend an open day on Saturday to celebrate the new office alongside Gudhi Padwa, a spring festival marking the traditional new year for many Hindus.

The local corporator in Pune officially opens the new office

The local corporator in Pune officially opens the new office

The festival is observed with colourful floor decorations called rangoli, a piece of cloth garlanded with flowers, mango and neem leaves, sugar crystal garland called gathi, topped with upturned silver or copper vessels along with street processions, dancing, and festive foods.

Traditional Gudhi Padwa decorations

Traditional Gudhi Padwa decorations

On the festive day of Gudhi Padwa intricate rangoli designs are placed on doorsteps, the vibrant colours mirroring the burst of colour associated with spring. Everyone dresses up in new clothes and it is a time for family gatherings.

The team and their families in the new office space

The team and their families in the new office space

Bharat Gidde, Xperate CTO, described the importance of having an office environment for his team “The office plays a vital role in collaboration, creating an environment for collective innovation, productivity and wellbeing, as well as space where employees can work and relax.

Ideas can be shared and developed more easily as a team. Colleagues can communicate with each other, read moods and emotions, and bounce ideas off one another in a shared space.

This creates an energy and a positive working atmosphere that can’t be replicated remotely or through video calls, and is essential for the success of any team."

Bharat Gidde (far right) with some of his team

Bharat Gidde (far right) with some of his team


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